Thursday, September 2, 2010

Calling All App Users!

So you have downloaded an app for the NML, NMLJ or NSWL.

That's great…unless you can’t use it.

What I have heard from a lot of librarians and professors lately is that they need an easy step-by-step guide to setting the app up for first time use. Here by popular demand is just such a guide!

Creating a Personal/Student Playlist for Naxos Apps

The iPhone app was designed with our institutional users in mind, so a subscription through a university, library, school, or orchestra works. It just works little differently on an iPhone than on a computer.

For one thing, it does NOT require any work with IP authentication or the university's proxy server.

To generate a login for the NML app, you should:

1. Visit the NML page for your institution (library, university, school, orchestra, etc.) from a computer by going through the institution’s unique URL:

2. Navigate to the Playlist area and click “Sign Up” in the "Personal/Student" playlist account area.

3. Create a login on the sign up page. This login, consisting of your email address and a custom password, then becomes your login for the app.

See the tutorial below if you need help creating a personal/student playlist account.

Once you are fully signed up you will have access to the institution’s playlists and you can create your own customized playlists as well. I recommend creating a playlist on a computer before attempting to access through the app. For some reason it seems to make your first access run more smoothly.

You can also use the app to search and browse the full NML anytime, anywhere! That means you can stream music anytime, anywhere!

Happy Mobile Browsing, Music Lovers!

Pro musica,

Librarians: Please feel free to share or link this on your library’s website, as well as share or embed the YouTube tutorial to help your patrons use the NML more effectively.


  1. Excellent --- worked very well --- thanks///

  2. I subscribe to NML through my library and listen on my i phone while running. In the past month, the streaming doesn't continue when the unlock screen engages and I'm forced to unlock the phone and press play for each song. Very difficult to do. The current operating system for the i phone is 1.8.2 and the problems seem to have started around the same time that the OS was updated. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    1. Hello Margaret,

      We very recently released an update for the mobile app that should resolve this. You should find it among the updates in your app store

    2. Hi Dan,
      Just took it for a spin and, so far, so good. Just hope this one is permanent. Thank you for the update and for the mind-blowing service both the music and the support.

  3. This comment section is very tricky and keeps deleting my comment, so here we go again. Basically, I'm unable to download the Naxos jazz library because the default password on the site is not the one I used for the classical side and it fails each time and won't allow a change. The library people here in town were no help and suggested I try the website again which failed again. I don't know what to do now. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    1. Hello Margaret,

      You'll need to create an NML-Jazz login just as you did with NML. At this time, creating a login for one database doesn't automatically create the login for the other. So as you did to create your NML login, sign up in NML-Jazz and look for the activation email. Once that is activated, you'll be able to log in to the Jazz app. You can use the same login credentials when creating that Jazz login.

      If you continue to have trouble, contact us at NMLHelp @, and let us know what email address you signed up with and through what institution you receive NML-Jazz access. We can have a look at your specific situation in more depth. Thanks!